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 Commodore Room 

A large private room located above the Mainsail Restaurant with private enterences, private restrooms, a full 20 seat bar, and dance floor that can handle events upto 150 people.  The room layout can handle parties as small as 30 guests, without losing that itimate feel.  The Comodorre Room is available for simple rent or in conjunction with Blue Mainsail Catering Services.  Price and Availibility Times and Dates depend on the time of year, so please call or contact us for more information.






Sunset Room 

 A semi private room located off the main Mainsail Restaurant dining room.  With an available private enterance and the ability to seal off the room from the main dining room, the Sunset findes the right balance between the benefits of a private room and the cost.  The Sunset room shares the waitstaff and bar service, as well as the kitchen, with with the rest of the restaurant.  The Sunset Room works great for large birthday parties, rehersals diners, retirement parties, and company events.  Price and Abailibility Times and Dates depend on the time of year, so please call or contact us for more information. 


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Mainsail Catering would like to let all our customer's know that if you desire to have your wedding on Topsail Beach we would love to work with you in connection with our own party/event hosting facilities.  However, if our locations do not meet all of your needs, Topsail Island has other venues which might.  Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options and provide additional information.




Both the Mainsail Restaurant and Daddy Mac's Beach Grille are available for private parties.  Please call for availablity and rates.